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All About #POWER

POWER Athletics-Maryland is an exciting All-Star Family in the DMV where world-class athletes are built, and life-changing bonds are formed. Athletes will learn sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, all while striving to achieve excellence. The skills athletes gain from our program are valuable lifelong lessons, as we seek to cultivate the ultimate athlete.


Our mission is to create a fun, safe, and engaging environment where athletes can work hard, have fun, and become amazing people on and off the mat.

Our #POWERful Process

We know that evaluation time can be a lot for anyone - especially our new members. Our goal is to make everything quick, easy, and transparent - so you understand the commitment required to be a #POWERful family!

Click the button below, and take a few moments to learn more about the POWER process, and see if joining our family is a good fit for you and your athlete!

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